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Privacy policy


Your personal data
This privacy statement describes the way Groupe Human Mobility/EhrmVision processes, stores, and secures the personal data you provide. Personal data are defined as all data that can be traced to a specific person or as data on the basis of which a person can be identified. This might, for example, be your name.

The collection, processing, and storage of your data are done in accordance with the Privacy Act that we must comply with according to Dutch law and the European Union.

In case you fill in an assessment at any organization’s request, we will comply - within the restrictions of the Privacy Act - to the national legislation applicable to this organization. Under all circumstances, Groupe Human Mobility/EhrmVision ensures that your data are managed confidentially and ethically.


What is the purpose of collecting and processing your personal data?
Groupe Human Mobility/EhrmVision collects and processes your personal and assessment data for two reasons:

  1. To deliver a report the organization can use for selection and/or development. When you agree to do an assessment in connection with a selection or development procedure, a personal report is generated based on your assessment results. You and/or the organization requesting the assessment can look at this report and see exactly which results you achieved on the assessment and use these results for selection or development.

  2. For research having the objective to monitor assessment/questionnaire quality. Groupe Human Mobility/EhrmVision hereby complies with the international guidelines drafted by the EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations). We examine, for example, whether assessments are reliable, valid, take fair measurements, allowing for the composition of standard groups.

In the case of research, your assessment data are always reported anonymously and at a group level; in no way can these be traced to you individually.

Providing additional background data for research is always voluntary. Whether or not you provide these data does not affect your results or any additional procedure (e.g. a job application) in any way. Your answers are used for research only. Your data are not stored longer than is necessary for the purpose for which they were collected.


Security and storage of your personal data
By applying technical and organizational measures, Groupe Human Mobility/EhrmVision guarantees the appropriate security level for your personal data.

We use the latest storage and security techniques to protect your data from access by unauthorized persons and improper use. Your data may be used only by authorized persons and solely for the purpose for which your data were originally collected, i.e.: the purpose you previously authorized.

Groupe Human Mobility/EhrmVision  associates only have access to your personal data when the previously mentioned objective so requires (the use of reports or for research) and are required to treat your personal data confidentially subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act, the International EFPA guidelines and the other professional codes applicable to their profession.

Reports about individuals are issued only to the persons certified by Groupe Human Mobility/EhrmVision as to the proper interpretation thereof. Part of this certification consists of ensuring that the certified people are equipped to be the first contact concerning the collection, storage, processing and interpretation of personal data.

Personal data are never given to third parties without your express consent.


Your rights
You have the right to submit a request to examine or remove any personal data. Requests may be submitted preferably by e-mail, but may also be in writing, and require proof of identity.


Mailing address:

Groupe Human Mobility/EhrmVision /TMA Methode
91 Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris

Note: Telephone requests will not be accepted. Depending on the request a legally fixed administrative fee may be charged. You will receive a reply from us within 4 weeks.

All requests must be accompanied by:

  • A (scanned) copy of your proof of identity (passport, driver’s license, identity card).

  • You must sign and date the (scanned) request.


Groupe Human Mobility/EhrmVision will always grant a request for removal or correction of personal data unless we are required to return your personal data for administrative or legal reasons.

Complaints about the collection and processing of your data via the Groupe Human Mobility/EhrmVision online assessment system may be submitted to EhrmVision in the same way.

As for the collection, storage and reporting on personal data managed by a Groupe Human Mobility/EhrmVision certified person, the complaint system at the organization where that person is employed shall be applicable.

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